Woodware Stamp Positioner

Stamp Positioner Woodware Stamp Positioner

Stamp Positioner
Woodware Stamp Positioner, this easy to use two part acrylic set allows you to position your stamps exactly where you want them, providing you with an invaluable tool for reproducing identical images. To use it all you need to do is:
1: Position the clear sheet into the corner of the "L" shaped piece.
2: Stamp your desired image onto the clear sheet, making sure the corner of your stamp fits snugly into the corner with the "L".
3: Remove the stamp and the "L" shaped piece.
4: Place the clear sheet with the image exactly where you want the image to appear on your work.
5: Slide the "L" back into the corner.
6: Remove the clear sheet carefully, holding the "L" firmly in place.
7: Ink your stamp and apply it in the corner of the "L"

Approximate Size: 10.24 x 8.66 Inch, (260mm x 220mm).

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