Spellbinders Making Faces Brush Buff

Brush Buff Spellbinders Making Faces Brush Buff

Making Faces Brush Buff
Spellbinders Making Faces Brush Buff, treat your brushes to a spa day, massage a little into the bristles of your brushes to help rid them of dried on paints, pastels and more. Give them some extra love with the soft-hearted silicone scrubber as a little exfoliating spa. After that, pop the kettle on, slip into a bath robe and relax a bit, you deserve it.
The Making Faces Mixed Media Range has been designed by Jane Davenport, it features a striking collection of makeup inspired craft products, designed to inspire paper crafters and mixed media artists alike, all available in a beautiful spectrum of colours, with coordinating storage options featuring Jane's gorgeous artwork, the range is fabulously collectable and features this collection includes a huge variety of pens, paints, blenders, brushes, palettes and much more to create stunning works of art, just one product just won't be enough.

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