Die-Namics Dies

Die-Namics Dies

Die-Namics dies, 17 great sets to choose from,
they will cut through cardstock; thin chipboard; 1/4 inch cork; felt; acetate; sticky back canvas; fabric; denim; sandpaper; 2mm craft foam; wood veneer paper; photo magnet sheets; and much more!
They work with virtually any die-cutting machine that will accommodate wafer-thin dies and are sure to become an essential ingredient in your paper crafting process.
Made in USA.


Die-Namics Blueprints 11

Blueprints 11 Die-Namics Blueprints 11
From 14.58 (Inc VAT 17.50)

Die-Namics Blueprints 19

Blueprints 19 Die-Namics Blueprints 19
From 15.79 (Inc VAT 18.95)

Die-Namics Blueprints 3

Blueprints 3 Die-Namics Blueprints 3
From 16.46 (Inc VAT 19.75)

Die-Namics Blueprints 4

Blueprints 4 Die-Namics Blueprints 4
From 15.62 (Inc VAT 18.75)

Die-Namics Blueprints 6

Blueprints 6 Die-Namics Blueprints 6
From 16.62 (Inc VAT 19.95)

Die-Namics Blueprints 8

Blueprints 8 Die-Namics Blueprints 8
From 16.62 (Inc VAT 19.95)

Die-Namics Fancy Butterflies

Fancy Butterflies Die-Namics Fancy Butterflies
From 14.79 (Inc VAT 17.75)

Die-Namics Farm Fence

Farm Fence Die-Namics Farm Fence
From 7.92 (Inc VAT 9.50)

Die-Namics Grand Peaceful Wildflowers

Grand Peaceful Wildflowers Die-Namics Grand Peaceful Wildflowers
From 14.79 (Inc VAT 17.75)

Die-Namics Heirloom Label

Heirloom Label Die-Namics Heirloom Label
From 6.04 (Inc VAT 7.25)

Die-Namics Jumbo Party Hat

Jumbo Party Hat Die-Namics Jumbo Party Hat
From 10.42 (Inc VAT 12.50)

Die-Namics Layered Vine Border

Layered Vine Border Die-Namics Layered Vine Border
From 7.29 (Inc VAT 8.75)

Die-Namics Mini Album Square Scallop Stax

Mini Album Square Scallop Stax Die-Namics Mini Album Square Scallop Stax
From 16.62 (Inc VAT 19.95)

Die-Namics Open Hexagon Borders

Open Hexagon Borders Die-Namics Open Hexagon Borders
From 14.37 (Inc VAT 17.25)

Die-Namics Wildflowers

Wildflowers Die-Namics Wildflowers
From 8.29 (Inc VAT 9.95)

Die-Namics Winged Beauties

Winged Beauties Die-Namics Winged Beauties
From 13.29 (Inc VAT 15.95)